Employee Statements

We asked our employees questions about proaxia:

Why did you join proaxia? What is your experience up to now? What is important for you and how is proaxia doing? What do you like? What makes proaxia different from other consulting companies? What else you feel is important to say?

And the result was just great. Read our Employee Statements.


“I am happy that proaxia gives me the opportunity to develop myself and my career for the future.”

“I appreciate in proaxia above all the atmosphere at work and the quality of work together with deep specialist knowledge. These things are important for me.”

“I like to broaden my horizons and to prove, that apparently impossible things are easy to do if you really want it. I like to do things with passion.”

“While proaxia is an internationally acting group of companies she succeeds in maintaining friendly and personal relationships at the workplace, open for personal goals and supporting teamwork.”

Piotr Trojanowicz

“I was searching for the best place to develop my SAP skills. This is how I ended up with proaxia.”

“I think proaxia is a very good place to work for someone who isn’t afraid of challenges. In connection with development opportunities and very friendly atmosphere, this is all what is important to me at work.”

“I think proaxia is a very good place to work for someone who is looking for challenges. I’m very happy to be here because proaxia is seen as very professional in the market.”

Sebastian Sudol

“For me personally it is an honour to work with people of such an outstanding expertise and knowledge in SAP automotive solutions.”

“When I first met proaxia consultants working for the same project as me, I was struck by their professionalism and the knowledge. I wanted to be part of such a dynamic organization which is globally visible and has some of the best SAP consultants in the market.”

“The proaxia consultants show proactiveness and professionalism added by the advantage of being really strong in their knowledge. This really impresses me.”

“What I like at proaxia is the openness and the transparent policies across the organization.”

“In proaxia everyone can truly be called an expert in his respective domain. This cannot be said for many consulting organizations around the globe.”

“Honestly I feel it is quite an honour to work among industry experts who have been in SAP for such a long time and it is a privilege to work with them and learn from them.”

“I have completed a little more than a month now and I can positively say that I have had one of the best experiences in proaxia. Both Jan and Guenter have been especially helpful and proactive in both helping me and guiding me in settling here. This has been quite a refreshing change for someone who has always worked with some of the big companies out there, where I would just be another employee in a thousand.”

“In proaxia, with their policy to work from anywhere, I have the chance to be productive and at the same time maintain a healthy work-life balance. I really appreciate proaxia’s initiative in this.”

Muthu Kumaran E S

“Being a developer in our company is not only about  coding on ABAP, it means also a lot of business knowledge – that was an important point in my decision to join proaxia.”

“Employed with proaxia we have the possibility to take part in different projects within different business segments. It is extremely important to learn about new technologies and businesses in every task, which is possible in proaxia.”

Maciej Oldakowski

“I have never worked for a typical consulting company before and in fact I am wondering if proaxia is a typical one.”

“I was looking for something interesting to do and proaxia gave me the impression to be such place – and it has appeared to be such place.”

Pawel Kobylinski

“I chose proaxia because the company has a very strong reputation on the market and I have heard many positive recommendations between my former colleagues.”

“I am happy to have  joined the proaxia team as it gives me the opportunity to work with the best developers in the business and to participate in very interesting and innovative projects.”

“In contrast to other consulting companies proaxia provides well organized and high-quality services to their customers. I am really proud to be part of proaxia.”

Jakub Lewandowski

“The work here is challenging and rewarding. I have the opportunity to work with a great group of people and I truly enjoy the atmosphere here.”

Joanna Szumial

“I like the way the doors of this company are always open for discussion. I like the challenge of working in remote locations and different time zones –as well as working with the latest products and having access to specialized developers when needed.”

“I like to meet new challenges, learn and apply past experience to new and growing projects as proaxia is digging their way into previously untapped markets.”

“proaxia is big enough in the market to be taken seriously, but also small enough to make decisions.”

“When I was first contacted to hear more about proaxia I was very interested in the idea of specializing in automotive projects with a group of seasoned professionals. Now it is a real opportunity to be pursued.”

“I like meeting new challenges, learning and applying past experience to new and growing projects – proaxia provides this in abundance. proaxia is digging their way into previously untapped markets.”

Kevin Dawson

“Participation in international projects allows me to meet experts from around the world and gain the best experiences. What is as well important to me is the target-oriented way of working which is based on trust and fairness with entrepreneurial personal responsibility.”

Oleg Misiakov

“proaxia ist ein eher kleiner Player im SAP-, jedoch gut aufgestellt für kommende  Herausforderungen und für einen sich schnell verändernden Markt.”

“Bei proaxia stehen der Kunde und die Qualität der Beratung im Mittelpunkt, das schätze ich sehr.”

“proaxia ist ein Unternehmen mit flachen Hierarchien und kurzen Kommunikationswegen, mit eine guter Kombination von Professionalität und familiärer Unternehmenskultur.”

Helmut Baltzer

“Ich habe proaxia aus Kundensicht kennen und schätzen gelernt. Für mich war klar, wenn ich in die Beratung wechsle dann nur zu proaxia!”

“Bei proaxia ist der Umgangston vom Entwickler bis zum Vorstand immer respektvoll und kollegial!”

“Bei proaxia erlebe ich spannende Projekte und zufriedene Kunden.”

Jegor Schleiger

“Ich bin stolz darauf, in einem Team zu arbeiten, das die gleichen Werte teilt und wo der einzelne Mensch wichtig ist. Das Streben nach Innovation, thought leadership und die daraus resultierenden spannenden Projekte begeistern mich.”

“Bei proaxia spüre ich die passion for the customer. Das Team denkt sich tief in die Problemstellung des Kunden ein, diskutiert mögliche Lösungsansätze und erarbeitet ein massgeschneidertes Konzept für den Kunden, das mit minimalen Kosten eine perfekt skalierbare Lösung für den Kunden bietet.”

“proaxia ist wirklich eine einzigartige Mischung aus der Flexibilität und hands-on-Mentalität einer mittelständischen Beratung gepaart mit der Professionalität, der Innovation und Internationalität wie man sie sonst nur in Grossfirmen kennt.”

“Ich bin stolz in einer Firma zu arbeiten, in der Leistung anerkannt wird und auch die Mitarbeiter einzeln im Rampenlicht stehen dürfen.”

“Es ist mir wichtig, dass proaxia sehr viel Wert auf methodisches Vorgehen legt.”

Rainer Soehlemann