CIO Services

The Head of IT or CIO has to provide a flexible IT environment that can cope with the agility (quick response to market requirements) of the business and reduce costs at the same time. In addition to improved process support through globally harmonized or locally individualized systems, it is important to support the business during its digital transformation and increase the sustainability and responsiveness of their own IT organization.

At the same time, IT’s contribution to the company’s success must be measurable. This can only be achieved by consistently aligning all services with the company as a whole and therefore with the company strategy. In addition to business transformation, new technologies such as machine-to-machine communication, mobile technologies, and cloud technologies, as well as changes in user expectations (usability, digital native, bring your own device), make transformation also necessary for IT.

Objectives of IT Organizations

Because of various challenges, IT aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Make IT’s value proposition measurable
  • Provide optimal support for innovation in the business using IT capabilities
  • Ensure the sustainability and agility of the IT organization
  • Align IT’s transformation with the business

Even with constantly growing costs for operating applications are leaving increasingly less scope for investments, IT must position itself as a driver for innovation and lay the foundations for new business potential. The innovations should present high added value for the business with representable risks. Use our CIO Services.

Our Consultancy Services for IT Organizations

Our Consulting Servicesproaxia acts as the link between business and IT throughout the entire life cycle of IT solutions. We bring highly specialized process expertise and implementation experience to the table for designing control, core, and support processes in IT.

We support IT organizations as part of the optimization or realignment of your structures, in order to find the right solutions and also help you implement the corresponding measures.

  • IT Strategy
    What vision does IT follow? What is the mission? Are IT services and structures in line with the business strategy?
  • IT Operating Model
    Which positions do the business, IT, and vendors occupy in the IT value chain? How should IT sourcing be set up? How should processes, data, roles, capabilities, and KPIs be arranged?
  • IT Governance
    Who makes what decisions throughout the IT value chain? How are the required quality levels and increased added value ensured for the company and how are risks kept calculable?
  • Digital Transformation
    Which enabling technologies are required for the active transformation of the business and how are these utilized?
  • IT Transformation
    What changes lie ahead for IT itself based on changed business requirements and digitization? Is IT’s continuous adjustment and agility ensured?
  • Demand Management
    Does IT win over customers in an early phase of the development of new IT solutions? Are communication and interaction with IT customers arranged in a professional manner? Is there a consistent vision from the emergence of a requirement to the implementation of the IT solution?
  • Portfolio Management
    Are the benefits derived from the use of resources optimized? Is the use of resources well balanced for new solutions ongoing projects, and the maintenance of existing solutions?
  • IT Service Management
    Are the service strategy, service development, service startup, and service operation customer-oriented? What are the prospects for an optimal service catalog and the associated service provision?
  • Vendor Management
    Are vendors actively managed and supported according to the sourcing strategy and operating model? Are they providing the agreed service?
  • Architecture Management
    Are business and IT architectures aligned? Are the solution architectures aligned with the target architecture and are solutions implemented accordingly?

"Quick Start Guide to Digital Transformation" Consultancy Service

The opportunities presented by digitization and the Internet of Things are having an increasing influence on business models and processes. Leading companies use remote services to position their service business successfully which secures their standing as pioneers.

Look into the opportunities for a digital transformation in your own business.

In a half-day “in-house experience sharing session” we compile with you an initial analysis of the current situation and identify the actions required in your company.

  • What impact does digitization already have in your industry?
  • What benefits does digital transformation hold for your company, what added value for your customers?
  • What are the proven approaches for implementing “digital transformation”?

With our tried and tested approach we can give you targeted assistance with the initial assessment as well as with planning and implementing digital transformation.

Examples of transformations already implemented in the engineering sector mark us out as a skilled partner for digital transformation.

Link for further Informations and Workshop Agenda (PDF DE)

Our Solutions for the IT Organization (ERP for the CIO)

Our experienced experts support you in consolidating tools in IT, better integrating the processes, and visualizing the information in management cockpits by target group.

In the implementation of the IT processes, we use different IT solutions, from Portfolio Management and Architecture Management to IT Service Management.

More information can be found in the “ERP for the CIO” study (PDF DE).

Your Advantages with proaxia

  • Our consultants have years of experience in the implementation of strategic projects in the construction of machinery and equipment. We understand the entire IT value chain from the business to the IT service providers.
  • With our services we increase the sustainability and agility of your IT organization and make its value proposition easier to measure.
  • Benefit from the comprehensive understanding of our consultants in digital transformation and the IT operating model.
  • proaxia has developed its own tried-and-tested practical approach in order to work closely with the customer to create options for digitization and draw up a transformation road map.
  • With exceptional people skills and an understanding for organizations, we bring together the various interest groups.
  • We also support our customers during the IT transformation.