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proaxia consulting group ag – company profile (PDF EN)

Digitalization means taking a fresh look at your business. We design marketing, sales and service processes to ensure your company’s success in the future. proaxia is a respected consulting and solution partner for transformation in the automotive and discrete manufacturing industries

Success Stories

Calderys – Sustainable partnership for SAP® rollouts (PDF EN)

Calderys is the global market-leader in monolithic refractory products and a wholly owned subsidiary of Imerys. The company maintains a worldwide network of 19 manufacturing sites in 16 countries along with 33 international sales offices and a staff of over 2,300. Calderys’ comprehensive and powerful product portfolio is the result of innovative strategies, technological expertise and over 100 years’ experience in several markets. In this way, Calderys has established itself as a reliable and innovative partne for customers active internationally.


SAP® Hybris® Cloud for Sales at Weiss Technik – Innovative products – first-class sales processes

Weiss Technik is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment in environmental simulation, stability testing and emission testing. Their product range includes testing systems for simulated exposure to  emperature, climate, weathering, temperatureshock and corrosion as well as long-term testing for test chambers of all sizes. Walk-in chambers and process-integrated equipment for environmental simulation are designed, produced and installed according to our customers’ requirements.
As an international company with discerning clients in the capital goods market, Weiss Technik places great importance on fine-tuning its sales processes and continuously improving them. With its sometimes highly complex projects, close contact with customers and in-depth consulting is required from lead to order confirmation. This means that highly coordinated and transparent sales processes are paramount, as well as knowledge of all business information concerning the client which might be relevant for the sales process.


BalkanStar – Unifying Operations and Driving Continued Growth with SAP® Software (PDF EN)

BalkanStar replaced fragmented applications and eliminated manual processes with a single, integrated IT solution that supports all Automotive core processes for wholesale and retail operations.


EvoBus – Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Accelerating Aftersales Service with SAP Solutions and Services (PDF EN)

EvoBus developed a new road map and process design to replace existing aftersales systems with a new combination of SAP applications. The SAP Dealer Business Management application and surrounding systems have made EvoBus Aftersales Services – known as OMNIplus – more efficient.


NISSAN Vehicle Order Management- Transparent and speedy

With more than 149,000 employees and production sites in Asia, Europe and America, NISSAN is one of the largest international motor vehicle manufacturers. Currently, NISSAN manufactures vehicles in 20 countries and regions around the world, and offers products and services in more than 160 countries and regions wo rldwide. To support its rapidly growing business efficiently, NISSAN has launched the Power 88 program. This program aims to adapt business processes and to simplify a nd standardize IT systems and support processes. In this context, consistent design of sales and service processes for seamless interfaces plays an important role.

For the new plant in Brazil, proaxia implemented a vehicle order management system based on SAP VMS. The SAP® Vehicle Management System (VMS) supports the procurement, sales and logistics of vehicles. The sophisticated system maps all partial processes and manages all vehicle data.


Wolffkran – in der Wolke (PDF DE)

Bei WOLFFKRAN drehen sich seit März 2011 neben den roten Kranen auch die Daten in der Wolke. Mit coresuite mobile hat der führende Hersteller und Vermieter von Turmdrehkranen seine Servicetechniker mobilisiert und bindet diese Geschäftsprozesse via Cloud Computing auch voll in SAP ECC ein.


Zumtobel Group – Mehr Licht in die Personalentwicklung (PDF DE)

Personalentwicklung smart organisiert: Die Zumtobel Gruppe beschäftigt weltweit 7.160 Mitarbeiter. Um den jährlich wiederkehrenden Prozess der durchzuführenden Mitarbeiterentwicklungsgespräche zentral zu unterstützen, beauftragte das Unternehmen die proaxia consulting group ag mit der Entwicklung einer schlanken, massgeschneiderte Lösung.

Service Offerings

AMES – Application Management & Enhancement Support (PDF DE)

Support your clients, we manage your SAP system. First-class support requires competent and fast solutions. Moreover, the quality of the support is crucial for the user acceptance within the company and therefore the business card for an effective IT.


Kundenorientierung und Agilität im Servicegeschäft (PDF DE)

Die Service Cloud ermöglicht Best practices bei kalkulierbarem Investement. Erfahren Sie mehr zur Konkretisierung von umsetzbaren Szenarien für Ihr Servicegeschäft in einem Potenzialworkshop.

Products / Solutions


proaxia DBM|E® – Extension for SAP DBM (PDF EN)

proaxia DBM|E is ideal for extending your SAP® Dealer Business Management (SAP DBM). It adds new functionalities and components to SAP DBM in response to the specific requirements of regional markets, industry segments and brands.

proaxia DBM|E provides all components to adapt the system to your requirements, to accelerate implementation and migration, to share best practice processes and innovative developments with all proaxia DBM|E users, and at the same time reduce the costs of further development and maintenance.

The proaxia DBM|E solution is based on SAP Business Suite powered by SAP® HANA®. In addition to SAP GUI, the user interfaces are based on SAP Fiori®, mobile technology or web technology depending on the process requirements. In this way, the solution can be ideally adapted to each and every workflow.


Smart and mobil with SAP Fiori© (PDF EN)

SAP Fiori® UX provides the most frequently used SAP functions on a personalized, quick-response, intuitive user interface. It adjusts the screen size to suit all devices, such as PCs, tablets, or smartphones (responsive design).


proaxia VMS|E – Tuning Your Vehicle Management (PDF EN)

proaxia VMS|E is a modern user interface for the SAP Vehicle Management System with innovative process management. Roles are displayed to users, according only to data and functions relevant to them, making complex processes simple and intuitive.


Customer Engagement mit proaxia und SAP® Cloud for Sales (PDF DE)

Selling is more difficult today. Customers are better informed and networked and expect more than just “products”. Meet these challenges with the new SAP® Sales Cloud for solution that is unlike traditional CRM approaches.


SalesDriver (PDF EN)

You can plan and steer sales results. SalesDriver tells you «how much, of what» is required to meet targets.


proaxia Translation Tool – SAP Eigenentwicklungen einfach mehrsprachig gemacht (PDF DE)

Die kundenspezifischen Anpassungen und Entwicklungen am System sind meist nicht in allen erforderlichen Sprachen vorhanden. Die im SAP System vorhandene Übersetzungsfunktionalität ist für externe Übersetzer schwierig zu bedienen. Mit dem proaxia SAP Translation Tool lassen sich Ihre Entwicklungs-Objekte, Customizing-Objekte und Inhalte von Tabellen leicht übersetzen.


proaxia Material Replacement Cockpit – Mehrstufige Ein- und Auslaufsteuerung für Materialien in SAP ERP (PDF DE)

Das proaxia Material Replacement Cockpit bietet eine bewährte und effiziente Lösung für das Management von Material Ein- und Auslauf. Über ein Cockpit kann das ein- und auslaufende Material eingegeben werden. Unter Berücksichtigung des ganzen Stücklistenbaums, wird automatisch das ideale Auslaufdatum sowie das frühest mögliche Einlaufdatum berechnet. Im Cockpit werden allen relevanten Informationen zur Entscheidungsfindung dargestellt.


Professional dialog reception with the proaxia Mobile Service Advisor (PDF EN)

With the Mobile Service Advisor it s possible to carry out the entire dialog reception process directly at the vehicle. Offline-enabled iPad app with deep integration into the dealer business management system.


Studies / Methods

proaxia Studie – ERP für den CIO (PDF DE)

An der Umfrage haben 19 Unternehmen aus unterschiedlichen Branchen teilgenommen. In der Studie bestätigen die CIOs die Relevanz eines ganzheitlichen IT-Management-Systems, sind aber, gemessen am geforderten Funktionsumfang, nicht zu grossen Ausgaben bereit. Das ist eine von sieben Kernbotschaften der proaxia Studie ERP4CIO.


ValueApp – Methodisches Vorgehen für die Entwicklung von mobilen Lösungen (PDF DE)

Durch die Optimierung der Interaktionspunkte zwischen dem Kunden und dem Vertriebs- oder Service- Mitarbeiter kann wesentlich mehr Umsatz generiert werden. Die kurze, sehr wertvolle Zeit der Kundeninteraktion wird optimal genutzt und das Cross- und Up-Selling-Potential ausgeschöpft.

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