proaxia DBM|E®

proaxia DBM|E® is the ideal extension of SAP® Dealer Business Management (SAP DBM). It adds to the application new functionalities and components that respond to the specific requirements of regional markets, industry segments and brands.

proaxia DBM|E® comprises all components needed to adapt the system to your business procedures, to accelerate implementation and migration, to integrate best-practice processes and innovative developments and at the same time to reduce the cost of further development and maintenance.

Tuning for your SAP Dealer Business Management

With proaxia DBM|E® you get more out of your SAP Dealer Business Management. In this way, you can easily adapt the SAP DBM system to your business requirements, accelerate implementation and migration and at the same time reduce the cost of further development and maintenance. On top of this you can participate in best-practice processes and innovative developments.

SAP Dealer Management System supports all automotive retail processes: sales of new and used vehicles, spare parts shop with payment processing, workshop order processing with time tracking and integrated warranty processing.

proaxia DBM|E® adds new functionalities and components to SAP DBM in response to the specific requirements of regional markets, industry segments and brands.

proaxia DBM|E® – architecture

  • proaxia DBM|E® Core with functions for the optimized use of SAP DBM based on best practice experience and innovative developments that benefit the entire DBM|E Community.
  • proaxia DBM|E® Industry Component with interfaces and functions for specific industry segments such as fleet providers or dealers in various business areas related to cars, truck or special and construction vehicles.
  • proaxia DBM|E® Brand Layer with interfaces to integrate SAP DBM with OEM systems and brand-specific core processes.
  • proaxia DBM|E® Partner Managed Cloud offers SAP DBM and proaxia DBM|E components as a cloud solution.

proaxia continues to develop the solution, issuing two releases per year. The first two releases 16.1 and 17.1 include proaxia DBM|E® Core functionalities.

proaxia DBM|E® Core – functionalities


proaxia DBM|E® Core release 16.1 and 17.1 include functional extensions for SAP DBM that have frequently been implemented in previous individual customer projects. These include interfaces for integrating other SAP solutions, general purpose interfaces and tools for accelerating introductions of SAP DBM and for enhancing process performance.




Available DBM|E® Core functions

  • Commission management
    Supports the automatic calculation and the approval process of sales commissions
  • Mobile Service Advisor
    Supports complete dialog reception and other workshop processes using an iPad®, directly at the vehicle in dialog with the customer
  • System translation tool
    Supports efficient translation of your system into several languages
  • Business Partner quality package
    Fuzzy search avoids duplicates when registering new business partners, a cleaning cockpit helps clean up existing duplicates

Planned DBM|E® Core functions

  • Workshop planning
    Simplifies workshop planning processes, beginning with scheduling the appointment by phone or via the web and including planning available resources in the shift schedule and workshop capacity planning. Resources such as workers and replacement vehicles or any other types of resources can be scheduled.
  • SAP® Hybris® interface
    Enables the transfer of customer and vehicle histories from SAP DBM to SAP® Hybris® as a basis for campaign management, and also supports transfer of leads in the opposite direction to the Vehicle Sales Assist module in SAP DBM
  • proaxia SalesDriver integration
    Transfers status information from the sales process to the proaxia SalesDriver for sales staff and performance management
  • Automotive Extension for SAP® Hybris®
    Supports marketing campaigns and generating leads using SAP DBM data
  • Integration of SAP Vehicle Insights
    Supports connected-car scenarios for the fleet manager and driver and enhances service processes through the availability of real-time vehicle data such as fuel consumption, fuel level, error and service codes
  • Material Info Cockpit
    Provides a quick overview of key material master data, including prices, inventories, consumption, replacements, open orders and requirements
  • Estimation Platform Integration
    Supports the workshop process by providing integrated Audatex calculation of damage costs
  • Parts Procurement Assistant
    Helps you decide whether to relocate parts from other storage facilities or to procure them from external sources and assists in optimizing parts inventory.

The proaxia DBM|E® solution is based on SAP Business Suite powered by SAP® HANA®. In addition to SAP GUI, the user interfaces are based on SAP Fiori®, mobile technology or web technology depending on the process requirements. In this way, the solution can be ideally adapted to each and every workflow.

proaxia DBM|E® – cooperation between SAP and proaxia

SAP and proaxia have partnered to develop proaxia DBM|E®. This close cooperation makes additional functions and adaptations readily available for certain customer groups and markets while ensuring the integration of SAP Dealer Business Management with other SAP solutions. SAP and proaxia jointly consult to move forward the design and development of proaxia DBM|E®.

proaxia excels as a competent partner through their experience from more than 30 implementation projects with different brands worldwide, their own development center and experienced support organization: proaxia is a partner who fine-tunes SAP Dealer Business Management, adapts it to specific market requirements and lifts it to the next level of professionalism.

proaxia DBM|E® is developed in accordance with SAP quality requirements and is certified by SAP. This ensures that its components are optimally geared to one other, interact stably and provide a future-proof solution. Technological innovations are integrated at an early stage.

proaxia DBM|E® – Customer Community

proaxia is building a Customer Community to ensure that future developments are optimally geared to the requirements of markets and clients. Within this community, representatives of client businesses, SAP and proaxia cooperate closely on release planning and the design of new functionalities.

As a proaxia-DBM|E® customer you can input your specific requirements for a solution and share in shaping the development roadmap and the functional specifications of a solution. In this way, you benefit from sharing experience within the community.

Your benefits from proaxia DBM|E®

  • Stability and security of a standard product including maintenance and continued innovative development
  • Full compatibility of proaxia DBM|E® with future releases of SAP DBM
  • Easy replacement of other solutions that are not ideally integrated or do not fully meet automotive retail requirements
  • Easy integration of SAP DBM with other SAP solutions relevant for automotive retail
  • Lower cost compared with in-house development: lower project cost and lower maintenance cost due to ensured upgradability to future SAP DBM releases
  • Cost savings through replacing third-party solutions (reduction in licenses, hardware and integration effort)
  • Cost savings through a simplified application landscape
  • proaxia DBM|E Customer Community, allowing customers to share in shaping the development roadmap and in the specification of new functionalities
  • Potential of benefiting from the experience of other community members

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