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The disruptions affecting your industrial value chains present you with the challenge of re-designing business processes and system architecture. The focus in doing so is to interact with your customers, ensuring consistent communication at all customer touchpoints, as well as to support your staff members and partners effectively. When introducing standard software, limits and obstacles are encountered occasionally. 

We are aware of and familiar with this challenge! 

proaxia has extensive experience with complex transformation and IT projects as well as with custom software development. Especially in the automotive sector, we often take special requirements arising in various customer projects and integrate them innovative proaxia solutions, allowing all our customers to benefit.

With our proaxia solutions you benefit from future-proof solutions that

  • Support your sales & service business exactly where needed
  • Simplify your workflows 
  • Enrich your SAP and non-SAP systems through mobile technologies and cloud applications

In doing so, we rely on the most advanced technologies and solutions by SAP solutions and other manufacturers.

proaxia Vehicle Sales and Service (VSS)

proaxia VSS is a complete integrated solution for the comprehensive support of business processes in automotive sales and service.



Streamlined processes and best-practise technologies optimally support your business – both in internal operations and when collaborating with the various market players (vehicle manufacturers and their sales subsidiaries, vehicle dealers, company vehicle fleets, independent repair businesses and workshop chains).

The high degree of process automation and the open and flexible architecture give you the freedom to respond to IT trends based on specific brand manufacturers, and to introduce innovative business models.


Digitalized and flexible sales processes
Comprehensive visualization of customers, vehicles and all interactions
Service industrialization


The integrated dealer management system based on SAP S/4HANA comprises all features for new and used car sales, replacement part and accessory distribution, and workshop processes, including: appointment scheduling with customers, time-tracking-based workshop order processing, and integrated guarantee management and invoicing.


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proaxia DBM|E® – Extension for SAP DBM

proaxia DBM|E® is ideal for extending your SAP® Dealer Business Management (SAP DBM). It adds new functionalities and components to SAP DBM in response to the specific requirements of regional markets, industry segments and brands.
proaxia DBM|E® provides all components to adapt the system to your requirements, to accelerate implementation and migration, to share best practice processes and innovative developments with all proaxia DBM|E® users, and at the same time reduce the costs of further development and maintenance.


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proaxia Mobile Service Advisor (MSA)

The proaxia Mobile Service Advisor is a mobile application on the iPad, which is integrated with the Dealer Management System. It can be used to go through the entire dialog directly at the vehicle together with the customer. All data is directly recorded as part of a structured handover process and suitable service or purchase offers are displayed.

Customer benefits include:

  • Prevention of double entries thanks to integration with backend
  • Optimization of dialog and customer interaction between the service employees and the car owner

The solution has received a number of accolades, including being named finalist in “Mobile Innovator of the Year” at the SAP Pinnacle Awards.


Download –  Flyer proaxia Mobile Service Advisor

proaxia VMS|E (VMS UI5 Add-On)

proaxia VMS|E is a modern user interface for the SAP Vehicle Management System with innovative process management. Roles are displayed to users, according only to data and functions relevant to them, making complex processes simple and intuitive.

Already existing VMS actions are incorporated via the extension and presented on the modern user interface. As a result, mobile end devices such as tablets and smartphones can be used.


Download –  Flyer proaxia VSM|E (DE only)

proaxia Rental Add-On

proaxia Rental Add-On

The proaxia Rental add-on supports and optimizes the rental business with vehicles and accessories as well as with machinery and equipment.

Complex rental processes with capacity testing, contract management, invoicing, life cycle management, and revenue and cost analyses are easily managed via user-friendly cockpits.

The solution is ready for S/4 HANA and can be quickly imported, adapted, and used.

proaxia Material Replacement Cockpit

The proaxia Material Replacement Cockpit is a tried-and-tested and efficient solution for managing the cross-factory multi-level start and discontinuation of materials in SAP ERP.

An intuitively designed cockpit makes it easy to enter incoming and outgoing materials. The ideal discontinuation date and the earliest possible start date are calculated automatically, taking the entire bill of material tree into account.

All relevant information for decision-making is displayed in an overview in the cockpit.


Download –  Flyer proaxia Material Replacement Cockpit (DE only)

proaxia Translation Tool for SAP

Customized adaptations and developments for SAP systems mean that text fields are not available in all required languages in the SAP system. A thoroughly and neatly translated system increases user acceptance and reduces support costs. Nevertheless the existing translation functionality in the SAP system is difficult for external translators to operate.

The Translation Tool for SAP developed by proaxia allows you to ensure the professional multi-language capability of your system with very little effort. Development objects, customizing objects, and content of tables are easily translated using the export function or web access, checked via workflows, and distributed throughout the company.


Download –  Flyer proaxia Translation Tool (DE only)

SalesDriver and AfterSalesDriver


The SalesDriver helps plan and control sales results. An early warning system indicates when sales results are at risk. Correct KPI-based action can then be planned in time and implemented in a targeted way. With appropriate KPIs, the associated IT tool provides the effective drivers in the sales process and the starting points for coaching the sales team. SalesDriver suits the vertical sales channel at all levels.


Download –  proaxia Flyer SalesDriver (EN only)




The AfterSalesDriver is based on the SalesDriver philosophy, has a similar structure and is focused on achieving sales results in after-sales and service. AfterSalesDriver forms an objective basis for practical, proactive, systematic, and sustainable utilization of sales potential in the after-sales process, both in the customer base and in the sphere of influence.

An early warning system indicates when sales results are at risk. Correct KPI-based action can then be planned in time and implemented in a targeted way. With appropriate KPIs, the associated IT tool provides the effective drivers in the sales process and the starting points for coaching the service sales team. AfterSalesDriver suits the vertical sales channel at all levels.

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Customer Solutions' Examples

SPAR Schweiz – Mobile Retail Store Order

SPAR Switzerland was looking for a way to simplify the order process for its small markets. SPAR Switzerland’s extensive range of products is also sold through third parties, SPAR Switzerland’s own markets such as maxi or TopCC. The currently available products are distributed to the markets several times a week via printed order lists. Orders are entered manually and sent by fax on a daily basis. Since the currently available range changes almost daily, predominately the fruit and vegetable range, order recalls are frequently necessary.


Key Points of the Customer Solution

Project – Develop an offline-capable mobile solution for the iPad that simplifies the order process and makes integration in the central SAP® retail system possible.

Customer industry – Retailer in the consumer goods sector.

Scope – Up to 200 users in small markets in Switzerland.

Architecture – Offline-capable, native Apple iPad app with scanner use. Integration with the SAP retail system via the SAP Mobile Platform.

Achieved goals – The current range is available in the market at any time. The need for paper product lists and manual completion of order forms is eliminated. The iPad is used as a central tool for the market (order, flyer, email, internet, etc.) Market recalls in the SPAR headquarters fall drastically, as all current ranges are available in the market. The order data is automatically added to the central SAP retail system without any integration gaps. Revenue increases due to better item selection, mainly in the fruit and vegetable range.



Sekisui Alveo – myCustomer iPad App

Sekisui Alveo was looking for a mobile solution for its field service employees in sales. The aim was to significantly simplify the preparation and execution of customer visits with the creation of visit reports. An important criterion was that the application had to be offline-capable and integrated in the existing SAP systems.


Key Points of the Customer Solution

Project – Develop a mobile solution for supporting the sales process that is offline-capable, runs on the iPad, and is deeply integrated in the SAP system.

Customer industry – Manufacturer of high-performance polyolefin foam.

Scope – 20 sales representatives in 11 European countries.

Architecture – Offline-capable, native app for the iPad. Integration via the SAP Mobile Platform with the following components: SAP ECC for customer data, orders & invoices, SAP Portal for documents and presentations, and SAP BI for sales figures.

Achieved goals – More transparency for company management and time saved when preparing for customer visits. Cultivation of company image from the customer’s perspective thanks to well informed field service employees. Easy access to the relevant information from the various SAP systems with the myCustomer iPad app.

Customer examples

Car Dealer’s Digital Breakthrough

Autohaus BALD

At BALD, the Mercedes-Benz car dealer, iPads are now an established feature of the service reception area.

Bald AG has equipped several customer services locations with iPads including proaxia’s “Mobile Service Advisor” interactive reception app. This jointly developed app is fully integrated into the SAP Dealer Business Management solution via the SAP Mobile Platform.


„I’d say that more than 90 percent of our customers are enthuthiastic about the new digital reception process

– Marin Radmacher, Head of Service Bald AG



proaxia Success Story - Digitaler Durchbruch im Autohaus BALD (DE only)

myCustomer – a SAP-integrated iPad App for the Field Sales Force

Sekisui Alveo, Switzerland

The CEO expects his field sales staff to be well prepared, hold efficient meetings with customers and produce meaningful reports – no problem with proaxia’s myCustomer iPad app.

The myCustomer solution, which is integrated with the SAP backend system, helps field staff to prepare for customer visits and enables them to create reports directly in the app, with the data then being stored on the company’s backend system. The myCustomer app is synchronized with the company’s SAP system which means that all relevant data is available offline in the app. The solution integrates data from a wide range of backend systems (SAP ECC for customer data, orders, and invoices, SAP Portal for documents and presentations, and SAP BI for sales figures).

Download the myCustomer demo version from the Apple iTunes Store directly to your iPad.




Excerpt - SekisuiAlveo Customer Magazine (DE only)